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SPK PCLA Our goals

Our goals

Our aim is to become an opinion-forming forum and a source of feedback for administrative authorities and courts dealing with competition law.  At the same time, in pursuing our principal goal, i.e. to propagate knowledge of competition law and develop the local jurisprudence of this law, we support these authorities in their activities.

Our goals:

  • to promote the idea of free and fair competition;
  • to foster the knowledge of competition law regulations in Poland and abroad;
  • to popularize legal standards prevailing in Europe, in particular, EU law;
  • to conduct comparative studies within the scope of competition law;
  • research and studies regarding international treaties in the field of competition law.

The goals are achieved by:

  • supporting propagation, information and publishing activities within the scope of competition protection;
  • preparing reports, assessments, opinions and petitions within the scope of competition protection;
  • organizing and supporting conferences, seminars and workshops organized by third parties;
  • networking: facilitating contacts between practitioners of competition law, sharing ideas and experience;
  • cooperation with organizations and institutions fostering the idea of free and fair competition in Poland and abroad.